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IT Staffing/Augmentation

There are times when it just makes good sense to quickly bring in one or more IT professionals to augment your existing staff.  


Perhaps, it’s for a big project or expected growth… or maybe it’s for smaller ongoing support needs just a few days a week.  It can make enormous business sense to avoid significant employment commitments and bring over someone from our team vs. hiring someone into yours and then having to wade through a never ending parade of resumes and interviews not to mention providing them with the usual company benefits/perks.  Plus, why risk bad hiring decisions and costly unemployment fees associated with them?  


Sometimes it's smarter to just rent an IT resource.    




MkMx Computer Solutions has a proven track record for placing highly qualified IT staff members.  We have available qualified and certified technical engineers, Network Administrators, software developers & or other support staff available on an interim or ongoing basis.   These proven resources will fully integrate with your own staff while seamlessly coordinating with our managerial staff who oversees their performance to assure the intended goals are being met.  


Give us a call today (516) 792-5463 and let's get to work!

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